The Rundown on How Mobile Hotspots Work and Where They Can Be Found in 2017

Mobile hotspots are an excellent innovation in technology that has only seemed to improve the connectivity of the world. But, how do they work? Just as importantly, what does the term “unlocked” even mean in reference to a mobile hotspot?

How Do Hotspots Work?

There are some exquisite unlocked hotspots available out there. To find the best from the, well, not best, it may be smart to understand the basic idea of how they work. Mobile hotspot providers may offer some technical specs about the device that will go over anyone’s head if they aren’t aware of what those numbers basically mean.

Mobile hotspots will actually use the service already in place of major mobile carriers. Mobile carriers are only borrowing or, in a sense, leaving the carrier space. Some may have part ownership in the towers themselves. The biggest companies may own many of the towers, which allows for the discrepancy in coverage by the main providers. Anyways, the mobile hotspot will “jack into” the wi-fi through the 4G platform. At this point, 3G is mostly abandoned. 4G is a reference to the quality of the Internet as well as the generation from which it derives. Phones that use 4G are using fourth generation devices (i.e iPhone 4S).


Unlocked mobile hotspots are incredible devices, and they were not thought realistically feasible in even the early 2000’s. Older readers may recall the development of 2G, which was the first generation to actually dabble in online searching. Google wasn’t functional, for the most part, but users could send SMS messages- maybe.

What does the Term “Unlocked” Refer To?

These unlocked mobile hotspots almost always have a password protection. The reason is obvious. Most people don’t want the network to be public and available to anyone. Only a few free sites may deploy free and open wi-fi, and even these are restricted in use based on the mobile owners.

The term “unlocked” basically means one of two things. The first is that the hotspot does not have an active and protective password log-in at the time. It is unlocked for use. The mobile hotspot buyer for the device can change that as needed. The second refers to the limitations of the device. If it is “unlocked,” it means that the owner can customize many aspects of the device. Unlocked phones have become a hot commodity, and users have tried searching out how to unlock their iPads, Androids, etc. To find affordable, visit unlocked hotspots.

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